You have come to the right place. At Clearhaven Technologies, we specialize in providing our customers with cost effective cloud solutions.

We provide options that work for any budget, regardless of the complexity of the requirements or deployment timeline. Using popular cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, we help select the right combination of cloud services to match your business needs. For example, a business may want email services from Google, Web site hosting and an Oracle Relational Database Service through Amazon. Another customer may want email services from Amazon, and Web site hosting and SQL Server database services through Microsoft Azure. Whereas another customer may want a robust authentication and authorization system allowing their users and employees access to multiple mobile and web applications, or the ability to use a NO SQL database in the cloud.

We specialize in using industry best practices to securely deploy your cloud IT services. In a world where hackers range from kids in junior high school to nation-state sponsored cyber-terrorists, making sure your cloud and data services are secure are of the utmost importance.

At Clearhaven Technologies, we explain the options, the benefits, the configuration, and the costs associated with migration to the cloud. We assist the customer in understanding the cloud services and applications so when ready, a complete and seamless technology transfer can occur. When no longer needed, and after the successful migration of your IT services or cloud start-up project we move on to assist other customers and provide additional consultant services as requested.