Cloud Services

At Clearhaven Technologies, we provide affordable bundles of cloud services as well as build your own custom "add-on" services. If you are new to the cloud and just want to get started with a few services, consider the cloud starter package. It includes email transfer, Domain Name Server (DNS) transfer and Domain registration transfer and the transfer of a static web site to the cloud. The starter package also includes two 1-hour training sessions aimed at providing the key aspects of using and maintaining the cloud services. The cloud starter kit uses Amazon Web Services, a leader in cloud services, for delivery of the secure infrastructure and cloud resources.

Additional options including increased cloud storage, database services, authentication and authorization to business, web and mobile applications and other advanced cloud services such as data analytics and machine learning are also available.

Use the following list of packages and options to begin to plan your migration to the cloud. When you are ready to learn more about these services, contact us and we will work with you to quickly configure your services.

Service Description Package
Email Amazon workmail for 10 users with 50 GB storage for each user. Cloud Starter
Domain Name Server (DNS) transfer Transfer your DNS to AWS Route 53 allowing internet traffic to the resources for your domain. Cloud Starter
Domain Registration or Transfer Register a domain name with AWS or transfer an existing domain to AWS. Cloud Starter
Static Web Site Transfer Transfer an existing static website to AWS. Cloud Starter
Knowledge Transfer Two 1-hour training sessions on using and maintaining cloud services. Cloud Starter
Email Google Email for 10 users with 30 GB storage and G-Suite apps for word and spreadsheet processing. Add-on
Dynamic Web Site Transfer Transfer an existing dynamic website to AWS. Add-on
Static Web Site Creation Create and deploy a static web site on AWS. Add-on
Dynamic Web Site Creation Create and deploy a dynamic web site on AWS. Add-on
Oracle Relational Database Service Create and deploy an Oracle Database Service on AWS. Add-on
MySQL Relational Database Service Create and deploy a MySQL relational database service on AWS. Add-on
NoSQL database Service Create and deploy a DynamoDB database service on AWS. Add-on
Database Application Design Design and implement database supporting mobile and web applications. Add-on
Application Authentication Design, implement and test Cognito for application registration, sign-in, and access control service on AWS. Add-on

What about Pricing?

We work to make the migration to the cloud painless and affordable. As you probably already know, all major cloud providers charge a fee for each service. The fees are monthly for some services, and hourly for others. For example, AWS charges $4 for each of their workmail accounts. If we set-up 10 accounts the monthly fee for the AWS service would be $40. A small static web site running on a Simple Storage System (S3) on AWS typically costs less than $10 per month. However; if you have large amounts of data on your web site this value will be higher. These fees are controlled by the cloud service provider.

Clearhaven Technologies charges a one-time fee for each package or add-on service to pay for the time associated with setting up and configuring the cloud services and associated accounts. The fee varies depending upon the package and the add-ons selected.

Contact us to arrange for a no obligation information exchange where we can better understand your requirements and provide a specific and detailed cost break down. We will explain every step along the way so at any point, you can move forward on your own without any additional obligation. Our goal is to introduce you to the cloud and transfer the knowledge of how to operate and maintain to your team.